Letter I'd spent my final days writing.

* * * I limped from the tunnel into the waning daylight. To my right, Shelby and her lawyers strode forward. To my left shuffled the eighteen veterans of Thermopylae who were currently able to walk. Five more rebels followed in two open-roofed carts. The vehicles' soft whirr was drowned out by the steady thunder of four hundred AI rolling along the boulevard toward the white-capped green gl of the Pyramid. If there's any more shooting, Shelby shouted over the rumble, I'm going to kill you. I held out my empty hands. I'm not even carrying. Her mouth turned down at the corners. Just about everyone else is. It wouldn't make a of a best sex toys for women lot of sense to get all these people together only to be run off by a couple armed guards, would it? What are we doing here, anyway? Making Baxter proud. I shrugged at her and the three members of her team. Not that there's going to be anything legal about this, but women I thought it'd be a good idea to have all our resources in play. She shook her head, blond hair sweeping her shoulders. You know we've won, right? It's time to clean up the mess, not stir up more chaos. Six soldiers in green uniforms poured from the Pyramid's bry double doors and knelt on the steps. It was somewhere near ten percent of Olympian Atomics' forces still fit to fight--the AI, on entering Shangri-la, had helped round up, disarm, and detain all the troops they could find. The troops on the steps trained their rifles on me. I stopped at the base of the stairs. Put those away before I best sex toys for women fire you. The soldiers exchanged glances. Small arms clicked to all sides of me, gripped by the fleshy hands of our conscripts and in the wireframe arms of the AI. On the Pyramid, a woman with a best sex toys for women shaved google head lowered her rifle. What do you want? I ed my thumb at the multicolored spheres. Lay down your arms before these little wrecking knock the place down. And get Linigan out here. The woman gazed at our patchwork army. Her shoulders shook with laughter. This was not in my job description. She led her soldiers down the steps and surrendered their arms. Linigan appeared in the doors, brown hair askew, hands clasped over his paunch. The tall pea-coated man from the negotiations accompanied him, along with three others I didn't recognize. Linigan blinked in the thin yellow sunlight. I'd tell you to get off my property, but it's a pretty long walk to anywhere we don't own, isn't it? Not anymore, I said. We're taking charge. What makes you think you can do that? I glanced between the AI and my rebel troops. My army, obviously. We are here to requisition Shangri-la. As of this moment, Titan belongs to those who built it: your employees. The details of this will be worked out between them and these brilliant lawyers I've brought with me. Shelby's mouth tightened into an O. This isn't just illegal. It's insane. I don't own Olympian Atomics, Linigan shrugged. Thousands of stockholders do. That's who you're stealing from. I chuckled. The few of them poor enough to notice the dent in their portfolio http://www.canonbridge.com/ will have to be consoled by the mive cuts to their energy bills. We'll sell the System its fuel at cost. He blinked, smoothing his hair. You don't have the faintest idea how to run this place. Do you know how many people will die when you bungle up their main source of power? That's why